6 in 60: Number 18 – Simply The Best


Hello! So this is the 18th episode of “6 scientific things in 60 seconds” so I thought this one would be my 6 favourite things I’ve learnt in 2015, thanks to this series! Lets Go!mg22730380.100-4_800

  1. Corals glow in an array of colours thanks to a fluorescent light. The light allows you to see the proteins that glow within the coral and the algae.
  2. Carl Linnaeus the father of taxonomy made up his own last name when he went to college/university. He named himself Linnaeus after the Linden trees that grew on his families homestead.
  3. Tortoises hold the record for longest living terrestrial organism. The oldest tortoise was 255 when it died in 2006.
  4. Different colours of fireworks are created by using different chemical compounds. Blue fireworks are created using copper and green are created using barium chloride.
  5. The Ivory Coast is the number 1 nation for the production of the cocoa bean plant.
  6. The world’s largest volcano is actually 2km under the sea. East of Japan Tamu Massif is approximately 119 thousand square metres and is comparable in size to the Olympus Mons Volcano. Olympus Mons is on Mars and is the largest in the solar system.

This is the last week I’m writing before going on my Christmas holidays, 6 in 60 returns on the 5th January! Til then:

Happy Biologying!

The Sources

As these are all from past episodes I’ll just pop the links to where they came from below.

Number 1 = Life In Colour

Number 2 = Changing Names and Chocolate Boosts

Number 3 = Age is Just A Number

Number 4 = Fireworks

Number 5 = One for Mr Cadbury

Number 6 = Thinking Big

The rest of the series can be found here.

ThatBiologist Everywhere!





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