6 in 60 – Number 17: Happy Holidays


Hello! It’s not that long left until Santa Claus is in town! Who’s excited!!! I am over the top excited! Therefore here is another 6 scientific things about Christmas!

  1. If Santa has a mince pie and a glass of milk at each house he goes too he will consume 259 billion calories! This makes me feel far better about my Christmas dinner.
  2. The most popular type of Christmas tree is the Abies balsamea or the balsam fir that originally comes from Canada.
  3. Virgins giving birth is actually a thing its called parthenogenesis but only in species of insects and lizards.
  4. The exact date of Jesus birth is technically the 17th of June 2BC
  5. Henry the 8th was one of the first English kings to eat turkey at Christmas.
  6. Another idea is that the Christmas star may have been an alignment of Jupiter and Venus creating that bright light.


Next week is the last 6 in 60 of the year before I head off on my christmas break to be with my family and friends, hope you enjoy!

The Sources

The first fact comes from the clever mathematicians over at the telegraph. The second fact came from a bit of searching from me but you can read more about the tree on the IUCN list. The third, fourth and sixth come from another article from the telegraph.


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