6 in 60: Number 16 – It’s Christmas!!!!


Hello! It’s December! I can finally start getting excited about Christmas!!! I’ve got loads of Christmas stuff going on this week so I can’t not write about that this week, without further a do here is 6 scientific things about Christmas!!!!

  1. One idea behind the Christmas star is that it was actually a supernova. Due to the bright light given by an exploding star meant that it could be visible during the day or night.
  2. Robins the typical Christmas bird are one of the only birds to keep singing through out the winter.
  3. Whether you like Brussels sprouts might be down to your gene, some research has suggested that those who like the green vegetable (of the devil – just my opinion) have one version of the gene where those who don’t like them have another version.
  4. It wasn’t until the Victorian era that we started giving gifts at Christmas time, before that it was a New years tradition.
  5. Although it seems impossible now, the Thames river did used to freeze. The last time it froze over was 1814 and fairs for the Christmas period popped up on the river itself.
  6. For Santa Claus to give all of us our Christmas presents he will be travelling at 10,703,437.5km/hr, or about 1,800 miles per second all night. This is also without stops for the milk and cookie/mince pies.

I hope this made you feel all things festive and there will be more festive 6 in 60s next week!

The Sources

The first fact and third fact comes from the chronicle but I’ve also seen it be written in other places. Here is the link for the second fact from the RSPB. The fourth fact (admittedly not very scientific I just thought it was interesting)  comes from live science. The fifth one came from me searching around a bit but here’s an article from the dreaded daily mail about the fairs. The telegraph did a great article on santa claus a couple of years a go which is where I got the 6th fact from.

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