6 in 60: Number 13 – Organic Farming


Hello, welcome to another tuesday here on that biologist. I have a series here called the farmers daughter (a new episode coming on Thursday) and although I know plenty about farming in general, I don’t know much about organic farming. So this week the theme is 6 scientific facts about Organic Farming! Let’s Go!

  1. A clear world wide definiton is kind of hard to find for organic farming but it is effectively farming without the use of artifical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides.
  2. Organic farming is said to improve conservation of wildlife, especially in the case of birds and invertebrates.
  3. All traditional farming from the first world war back was organic!
  4. The industry is worth over £1 billion a year.
  5. Organic dairy farms produce more methane per animal than non organic. This is because of the diet of the cattle.
  6. Organic farming overall costs more for the farmer and this is why the price is higher in the supermarkets.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks episode. As always you can find all the links to all my social media as well as other bits and bobs just below this piece!

The Sources

The first one comes from a lot of research around the area but organics is a great site for explaning. The second comes from the new scientist although again its a well researched fact. Third and sixth fact come from the scientific american. Fourth and fifth come from the BBC bitesize page.


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