Spooky Creatures


Happy Halloween!

To celebrate the spooky season I decided to find some of the spooky creatures that live on earth. I think all of these deserve there own horror movie! So here are 13 of the spookiest creatures:

Number 1: The Crow Corvus spp.

I wouldn’t say I’m scared of crows but oh how I hate them. I was once attacked by a crow up at the farm and since I think they are possibly the worst birds just beating the seagulls. Not to mention that one particular film. There are over 40 different species in the genus Corvus. They live all over the world and the term crow can mean different species dependant on where you are in the world. An interesting fact about crows is that they live for quite a long time, an average of 20 years but the oldest crow in captivity lived for 59 years. Either way I still can’t stand them.large_6qXNSP30QeX4HUUpxSaq7GEH5OB

Number 2: Bats

Bats are synonymous with the spooky season of Halloween. They are celebr

Number 3: Great White Shark

Number 4:Gharial

Number 5: Blobfish

Number 6: Anglerfish

Number 7: Bears

Number 8: Black Widow

Number 9: Crocodiles

Number 10: Wolves


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