6 in 60: Number 11 – Apples!


Hello, Welcome to the second post of Halloween Week and the last 6 in 60 of October. How time does fly! This is all about the fruit of the season, apples! Let’s go!


  1. Apple seeds can kill you… Okay you would have to eat an awful a lot of them. The seeds contain a small amount of cyanide.
  2. Apples are in the Rose family otherwise known as the Rosaceae
  3. China is actually the biggest producer of apples producing 37 million tonnes in 2012
  4. Apple trees can take up to five years before producing their first fruit
  5. Apples contain no fat or sodium.
  6. Apples have been known to be good for our health for a long time hense the phrase an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

See you in November!


Luckily I am fairly knowledgeable about apples so I did know abouy all of these facts from my studies but here are some sources. The first fact is from chemistry.com however facts 2-5 can be found at farm flavour. Number 6 comes from the huffington post.


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