ThatBiologist does Halloween!



Hello! Halloween is one of my favourite celebrations so to celebrate I will be posting a new blog post everyday this week.

The weeks menu looks a little like this!

Tuesday: The usual 6 in 60 but this time along the theme of Apples. I loved apple bobbing and there is something about them that is so halloweeny!7530808JWA4531-740x491

Wednesday: Could Vampires be real? This post is just a bit of fun looking at the biological truth behind the ghoulish beasts that are vampires!how-to-draw-a-werewolf-vs-vampire_1_000000020433_5

Thursday: Creepy Plants! I list off 13 of the most creepy plants on earth!

Sumner sundew - Copy

Friday: Could Werewolves be real! Following on from Wednesday I look at the reality behind werewolves!

Saturday: Spooky Animals! From the depths of the ocean to even my personal angst with crows I look at 13 animals that deserve a spot in a horror film!


I hope you enjoy this week of creepy festivities!

Oh and Happy Halloween!


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