6 in 60: Number 9 – One for Mr Darwin


Hello, I was recently given the most beautiful illustrated copy of the Origin of Species. So this week it’s all about one of my favourite biologists Mr Charles Robert Darwin.

  1. Dr Darwin?! Darwins father encouraged him to go on and study medicine but he 220px-Charles_Darwin_by_Julia_Margaret_Cameron_2didn’t care for it.
  2. His Origin of Species was published in 1959 all this was delayed as there wa
  3. Darwin had 10 children all together although 3 died when they were young.
  4. Darwins set off on his great voyage around the world on the beagle at the age of 22.
  5. He was said to suffer terrible seasickness whilst on the journey meaning most of his work happened whilst it was calm or on land. It’s probably why he gathered so much data from land.
  6. Darwin is buried in westminster abbey close to Issac Newton and John Herschel.

Thank you for reading this weeks 6 in 60, can’t believe next week will be my 10th 6 in 60! To celebrate I’ve got something a little bit different coming!

The Sources

Number 1 comes from livescience that did a wonderfully strange article on Darwin. Number 2 comes from darwin online. Number 3 and 4 comes from the same article as number 1 although I did read about this at the natural history museum. The last two facts come from the biography of charles darwin on bio.


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