The Poisons Collection: Music of Angels

The poisons collection

There is a common theme with poisonous plants. The majority of them are truly stunning. They often have exquisite flowers and this particular plant this week has a sweet smell. The music of the angels is said to be just as intoxicating and where would angels music be without the angel’s trumpet.

3There are a few plants with the common name of angel’s trumpet. This being one of the flaws with using the common name but in this edition I’ll be talking about Brugmansia suaveolens. This plant is a semi woody shrub and grows up to 3 metres tall. Originally it was endemic to the coastal rainforests of Brazil. Sadly through human interaction the plant is now considered extinct in the wild. That being said it is still grown as an an ornamental plant throughout much of South America, Central America and even California and Florida.

As is often the case with poisonous plants all part of Brugmansia suaveolens are poisonous. The seeds and leaves have a higher concentration of the tropane alkaloids in the plant. Poisoning from angels trumpet is from ingestion of any part of the plant. The main effect is hallucination as well as paralysis of smooth muscle.2

A lot of the incidents of Brugmansia suaveolens poisoning comes from the seeds being used to make tea. The poisoning could be due to misidentification of the plant or from the medicinal and hallucinogenic properties that the plant possesses. The main cause of death from poisoning is actually due to ending up in a coma.

The plants hallucinogenic properties have in the past been popular for experimentation. Personally I prefer my experiments in a lab with proper safety gear and with a lack of hallucinations. Hope you’ve enjoyed this edition!


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