6 in 60: Number 8 – One for Mr Cadbury


Hello! welcome to this weeks 6 in 60! This week is all about my number 1 weakness, my own kryptonite – Chocolate!

  1. Your brain produces dopamine (otherwise known as the happy chemical) when you eat or think about chocolate!
  2. Dark chocolate has been shown to boost heart healthy antioxidants. Although if you have a glass of milk with your chocolate this reverses the affect.1
  3. Chocolate is derived from the cocoa plant also known as Theobroma cacoa.
  4. The Ivory Coast is the number 1 nation for the production of the cocoa bean plant.
  5. Chocolate was used as a currency in the mayan culture in south america.
  6. Chocolate contains a powerful stimulant called theobromine. Theobromine posioning can cause heart failure along with kidney damage.

Don’t know about you but I could totally go for a twix right now! Til next week!

The Sources

Number 1 is brought to you by how stuff works! Number 2 is brought from a study presented in 2003 in the new scientist. Number 3 is welll documented but here is the link to the encyclopedia page on the plant. Number 4 comes from worldatlas here. Number 5 and 6 come from an article by the telegraph celebrating world chocolate day.


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