What Is Ecology?


It’s a simple question really. What is Ecology? Yet the average Joe Smith probably wouldn’t be able to answer you. Even if they were to know what Biology is. Having studied Ecology for quite some time now as well as being interested in it I’d like to think I know the answer.

Literally ecology means the study of the earth. Eco comes from the ancient greek for house. The dictionary would define ecology as “the branch of biology dealing with the relations and interactions between organisms and their environment, including other organisms”. In more simple terms ec0logy is the study of the relationships that things have with the world around them.

Ecology is considered a relatively new science as it only truly came about in the 20th century. On the other hand we as human beings have been considering the relationships bet220px-Charles_Darwin_by_Julia_Margaret_Cameron_2ween organisms and the earth for far longer. Under agriculture it was important to note what made crops grow better or worse, it was also important to find out what plants might kill or cure you.

It would not be hard to justify Charles Darwin as the father of modern ecology however there have been several very important ecologists of the years. In terms of the history of ecology that deserves its own blog post.

Ecology does mean a lot to me personally, its a topic I’m both interested in and passionate about. I think that world around me is a truly fascinating place. The relationship between the robin outside my window and the crops on the ground by my house is incredible and so unique to that robin and that ground.

To conclude my definition of ecology is “what links the world with everything else” and I think that is a good note to end on.


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