Welcomes and Introductions


Once upon a time in a faraway land known as Bath, there lived a biology student. Entering her final year she discovered that she really had no idea as to what she wanted to do after university finished so thought blogging would be a good idea.

As in all fairy tales not all of the above is true but my name is Laura Cottam and I am a third year studying my bachelor’s degree in biology. I study at Bath Spa University but I do have some idea what I want to do when I officially decide to enter the adult world.

The real story behind the start of ThatBiologist comes from my own personal love of writing and an assignment set for one of my modules. The assignment involves writing blog posts under the theme of nature conservation in context of the wider world. So I set up a blog called the farmer’s daughter which looks at the relationship between conservation principles, ideas and events and how they relate into the life of agriculture. I love writing them and wanted to start writing more and on wider topics and so ThatBiologist was born.

I’ve been blogging for a while on topics that surround my life over on lalathroughlife.tumblr.com but this space is particular to my love of science. This is also an area for me to learn and grow as a science writer and a space for me to express my own thoughts on what I think of the current science topics. The third and final thing I want to do in this space of the internet is break down science. Too often is it tied up in mysterious terminology that I can’t even understand. So I intend to break these stories and concepts down into more colloquial terminology.

I guess that’s enough from me for now but if you want to find out more about me go and check out the About Me section and check back here soon.

Until the next time…


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